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The Ph-Blog

Why the Ph-Blog? I have found myself recently increasingly pondering on labels. Labels I have created to feel secure. Back in my years as an undergraduate student I used to have a strong sense of affiliation with “chemistry” and found it difficult to understand why some of my friends (possibly because they worked in interdisciplinary fields) called themselves “scientists” and not “chemists”.

I have long been what I would call an “interests tart” or an “interest flirt” at least…. In the world of specialisations in which I grew up, the tendency was to regard this love for variety as unproductive. Embracing it as one of my strongest assets has not been a straightforward journey. But here I am.

So, what does my eclectic tastes in music, my passion for communication and languages, education, science, history, politics, art, theatre and staging, buddhism, world cuisine, people and more people, have in common?: Curiosity. Asking questions. Search for answers. Observing. Contradictions. Zest for consistency. Dialogue. Sense of humour. Playfulness.

I realise that I am ready to claim the Ph in my PhD, and maybe the D can take care of itself (done it and got the diploma, ah! and also the T-shirt my friends bought me after the viva). This is, then, a potpourri of colours that make up my Ph.

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