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About Gabriel Cavalli

This is the bio I have in my work webpage.

Dr. Gabriel Cavalli was born in Montevideo (Uruguay). He graduated as a Bachelor in Chemistry from the Faculty of Chemistry (Universidad de la Republica, Montevideo) in 1994 followed by a Master in Chemistry (MPhil) in Organic Synthesis and Applied Biocatalysis at the same institution in 1998 sponsored by PEDECIBA. During this period, Gabriel worked under the supervision of Prof. Gustavo Seoane on the use of bacteria for the synthesis of highly functionalised chiral synthons. This was followed by a PhD at the Department of Chemistry Imperial College, London (1988-2002) working on polymer synthesis under the supervision of Dr. Joachim Steinke. His doctoral research on the development of novel polyether supports for synthesis was a crossover between Organic and Polymer Chemistry.

At the end of his PhD, Gabriel went back to Montevideo for a fixed term academic position in Polymer Chemistry (2002-2004) and back again to the UK for postdoctoral research in March 2004. This time Gabriel joined the Basic Technology 4G Research Project “Four Billion Bases a Day: Practical Individual Genome Sequencing” at the School of Chemistry, University of Southampton working in a highly interdisciplinary project under the supervision of Prof Hywel Morgan, Dr. Cameron Neylon and Dr Peter Roach. During his time in Southampton, Gabriel worked on the functionalisation polymeric materials for the synthesis of oligonucleotide and peptide and the attachment of bio-analytically relevant proteins. He also started work on DNA hybridisation on microparticles and on the effect of the solid-support on hybridisation efficiency and selectivity.

When he wants to escape from the world of chemistry Gabriel takes refuge in the performing arts (acting, directing and singing both as a spectator and as a performer), exploring world cuisine, reading history or philosophy (especially Buddhism) or putting the world to rights over a glass of wine with friends (talking, talking, talking). This allows him to go back to his teaching and research with renewed passion while remaining sane (or so he would like to think…).



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